About Me

Robert Watson

This is what I look like.

This is what I look like.

I guess if you clicked on this link you actually care who I am. I'm a developer (duh) and have been since 2012 working mostly in ASP.NET. I ventured into the realm of Sitecore sometime in 2014 and haven't been able to escape since. But I love it! There is a lot to learn and the platform is constantly growing. 

The first Sitecore site I was involved in the development of was ATP World Tour (www.atpworldtour.com) under version 8.0. There, I learned a whole host of things ranging from basic Sitecore fundamentals such as creating renderings, data sources and such. I branched out to other areas such as creating scheduled tasks, SPEAK apps, creating custom rules and other stuff.

After that, I went off to work at 1-800-Pack-Rat where I was the lead developer. I did mostly the same things there but on version 7.2. They had crappy agency write their site so I had to go in and mostly delete their garbage code. Long story short, don't outsource to India.

After about a year and a half of that, I worked at an agency called Mapleton Hill where I mostly worked on the implementation of navigantresearch.com on version 8.2. The site itself is kinda boring but the inner workings of it and the requirements made it one of the funnest sites to work on. It is a commerce site (not Sitecore commerce) where they sell Environmental Reports to customers. So I had to create a payment processor and handle orders and the customers making orders. Furthermore, I created a custom subscription provider where users could have automatic access to some of the reports under certain categories. It was super fun (not sarcasm)!

After all those shenanigans, I wound up at my current job at Rightpoint in January of 2019. There, I got my hands dirty with some Sitecore Commerce in version 9.0 working on the VCA Animal Hospitals site. I was able to learn a lot with this project as it was basically my first experience with Sitecore Commerce (I did help out with a project at Mapleton Hill that had commerce 8.2 installed but Sitecore basically rewrote commerce with version 9). There, I worked on the payment provider, catalog/pricing import, making custom commerce calls to the engine and some other cool stuff. 

I'm gonna stop talking now.