Automated Deploy with Octopus - Add entry to hosts file

7/15/2020 Host Entry Octopus CI/CD

This section goes over a step template I commonly use in the release process.

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If you have not already, please read the Intro of this Article series. Otherwise, this may seem rather vague and little confusing. It enables me to add the host entries for the site for local use but also for any other Sitecore (or non Sitecore) sites it may communicate with that are not registered to the public DNS. I use the community based script template File System - Add entry to hosts file. This is a powershell script which accepts the parameters Host name, IP address, and Nr of attempts. The script will first look for the host entry to see if it exists and will add it if it is not there. For each project, I include at least the url of the project pointed to as a host entry in my process but you may use it to suit your needs best.