Automated Deploy with Octopus - BizFx

6/18/2020 BizFx Sitecore Sitecore Commerce Octopus CI/CD

This article goes over the release process for BizFx

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If you have not already, please read the Intro of this Article series. Otherwise, this may seem rather vague and little confusing. The BizFx project in the Octopus release process is no doubt one of the easiest and straight forward out of the bunch. It is a simple Angular application which communicates with the Authoring Role of the Sitecore Commerce Engine.

Package Information

For this project, I use the BizFx package. After installation with the SIF tool, I changed the configuration files for Octopus to replace and zipped it up as a deployment package


Project Variables (aside from global Variables)

  1. engineHost: #{authoringHost}
  2. engineUrl: https://#{engineHost}


Release Process

  1. Install Certificates (click title for more info) 
    1. Install Root Certificate to Trusted Root Certification Authorities
    2. Install Engine Certificate to Personal store
    3. Install Localhost Engine Certificate to Personal
    4. Install Identity Certificate to Personal
  2. Add Host Entries (click title for more info) 
    1. Add BizFx Site Host 
    2. Add Engine Host Entry
  3. Deploy Site (click title for more info)
    1. Package ID: BizFx
    2. Install to: #{deployPath}
    3. Web site Name: #{siteName}
    4. Application Pool Name: #{siteName}
    5. Add host bindings for https only via host name and Localhost
    6. Substitute Variables in Files: **\*.json