Automated Deploy with Octopus - Deploy To IIS

7/15/2020 IIS Octopus CI/CD Sitecore Sitecore Commerce

The automated deploy step template for IIS sites to be deployed through Octopus

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If you have not already, please read the Intro of this Article series. Otherwise, this may seem rather vague and little confusing. This step template is used in every project. It is based off the Deploy to IIS step template provided by the Octopus Public Library. I use it to deploy the actual site Package I stored in the Library to the Custom Install Directory. Below are the common fields I set across each project

  • Custom Install Directory: #{deployPath}
  • Web Site:
    • Web Site Name: #{siteName}
    • Physical path: Package installation directory
    • Start IIS Web Site: true
  • Application Pool:
    • Application Pool Name: #{siteName}
    • Identity: Commonly Application Pool Identity. But you can set a specific user if you like
  • Bindings:
    • I typically install an http and an https version provided the certificate from the library. To the left is an example image of a binding I use
  • Substitute Variables in Files
    • You will need to click on the Configure Features button on the top of this step template to enable this. Here, depending on which configuration file type is applied to the site, I will add here. For example, for the Storefront site, I add **\*.config.